My New Beginning

From my own personal story, I learned about eco-friendly products and zero-waste life-style through my boyfriend’s sister. When I started dating my boyfriend I was still in college, and as a broke-a** college students, the idea of zero-waste was not my priority or interest. I tended to only look for the cheapest and most convenient options to get in the store. Going to school and working full-time was hard, living on my own was even harder at 18. I used to live off K-cereal for days. I did not know how to do or want to do a lot of things. I was busy/lazy doing dishes so plastic utensils were easy. Things I ate back in those days were mostly wrapped in plastics like cheap tomatoes that almost went bad and things in those categories. I did not know how to recycle and what to recycle, to even talk about how to cut down waste. When I packed my stuff to move out from my college apartment, I was surprised with how much things I accumulated throughout 4 years of college things that I didn’t even use once or remember why I bought it in the first place. I realized I have to change my way of living. Little by little, I became more interested in the environment and how humans and things we do can impact on our shared home, Earth. 

Can you tell I love nectarine?

The first thing that I knew for sure that I had to change was NO MORE SINGLE USE PLASTIC. I tried and am still trying to be more conscious about things I use or consume in my daily life. Even though it doesn’t seem much at the time or do any harm to the environment, we have to take in consideration on how it would end up when it does not serve it purpose any more. The truth is a lot of things end up in the landfill that create so much, so much methane that harms our Earth. 

One of the first things that I started with was grocery bags. I noticed how many plastic bags were given to me when I went to the grocery store and how you cannot recycle plastics bags anymore in my town. Since then I bring my own bags to get groceries or to the farmers' market, stores, it is not only eco-friendly but also very cute! And that is when my zero-waste journey begins! I can’t wait to share my journey with Love, Green together with you guys from now on! Feel free to share your journey with us!